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Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Medicine

Stay Back

Sometimes the medicine you need is your own venom. “The perception that your presence is for people to experience as they please, is not right, and you have the ability to bite.” Boundaries have been something I’ve struggled with for a long time. With friends, with men, with family. Since usually the verbal boundaries and trust that I have set with others have been broken, I recently discovered that one of my ways of coping with this and setting boundaries for myself is creating distance geographically. It doesn’t mean running away, it means that the only way for me to give myself clarity and create space is physically distancing myself from the people or the situation so I can observe & understand it from a healthy, objective perspective. Something I want to work on is being able to set boundaries verbally as I enter this new realm of partnerships & relationships… as I travel and explore my gifts.

Six of Wands

Ahh, what a long way I have come. I so clearly remember when everything felt dark and my emotions felt like tangled branches and more thorns than roses. The other day I saw a caterpillar dancing in the air and I couldn’t tell whether it was spinning its cocoon or struggling to break out of it. I stood there waiting patiently for a butterfly to emerge and then thought to myself, “Who I am to rush its process?” Everything is happening in Divine Timing, and each creature intuitively knows when it’s ready for transformation. I am ready and here to Rise up for myself and the collective. I allow myself to be acknowledged and Recognized. To fully embody the freedom of my new set of wings and elevate myself by diving into the world of my soul, psyche. I fly to India at the end of February, where I can already feel the multitude of lessons, mentors, teachers, and ancient codes waiting for me to receive them. I also call in community in Guatemala, Costa Rica & South America, to soon be a part of this Eternal Flight my soul has chosen.

Six of Cups

Something I have also been returning to is the innocence and magic of my inner child. I am ready to experience fun, freedom and exploration again through play and curiosity. As a Cancer Rising, I am quite nostalgic and like re-visiting the past. I miss climbing giant trees and wandering in my Grandma’s garden picking berries. Soon I’ll be reunited with my cousin who I’ve spent many moments with wandering away from family gatherings to get lost and explore nature, climb trees and create art. I love being around children and one of my dreams is to create a community/nature school. To live in harmony with the elemental world and keep the magic of childhood alive in all of our hearts.

The Star

The Star connects me to my Inner Light, Remembrance of the Divine Pure Light being at my core. Inspiration. Pure loving energy and magic. For too long I’ve passively allowed others suppress me and take my light. But it’s all an illusion, no one can take anyone else’s light, we can only create shadows and the illusion of darkness. 

Share Tenderness

I just recently wrote an article on this theme, sharing love while traveling. Connection with others is always something I seek, most often than not it happens naturally, effortlessly. I’m grateful for warm cuddles, holding hands, playing with hair, exploring tenderness and touch. Being quiet and shy together. I get to so nervous around people I like and find attractive, words get caught in my throat and my heart flutters like a tiny bird. It doesn’t need to be so difficult to say “I like you.” or “I think you’re interesting, beautiful, and amazing.” I vow to sharing more tenderness with others through words and touch (if they welcome it.) I’m grateful for the codes that touch transmits and the depth of really feeling held when hugging someone. 

I challenge you to share this loveliness by complimenting someone or sending them a message.

Good Things

Yay! Abundance and ripe fruits, juicy sweetness. I am ready to bite into it all. To accept the Goodness coming my way. To share this sweetness with others. To come out a mindset where I feel I am “lacking.” I have worked hard to get this far. We all have. Let’s come together and share the fruits of the seeds we’ve sown together.

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