we create barriers through the language we speak and the way we communicate. our basic knowledge evades us. our intuition is pushed aside and forgotten. where if we were only able to express through our other senses – i would lock my eyes into yours peering simultaneously into your soul into mine. with that image imprinted in our minds i’d gently crush lavender, patchouli, pine needles and sage in the palms of my hands, brushing my hand beneath your nose. how would you feel? would you be to think in orgasms and shivers instead of formulating empty words? could you remember what it felt like to dig our bare feet into fertile soil feeling the earth’s pulsing vibration? how in one electrifying, fleeting moment we drew in the energy of unconditional love.

could we speak together in the language of the wind? in hues and tones? of lovers in a forest slumber holding onto each other for dear warmth? while in the midst of it all only craving pure connection. it’s the deep breathe you take before going underwater. you fill your lungs and hold. the aqua-colored prisms caress your body as you become the water and it becomes you. weightless. floating peacefully into the unknown. cloud drifter, river dancer, sky medicine healer. releasing the tension. remembering who you are. letting yourself go completely and connecting to the present moment. effortlessly reaching for air, as you dissolve into fractals of shimmering white light.

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