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How To Find Love and Stability While Living Nomadically

One month in San Diego. Two months in Chiang Mai. A month and a half in Pai. Two months exploring Northern and Southern India with a like-minded, yogi friend. A month trekking alone in Nepal. This is what my life has looked like in the past seven and a half months. Having a nomadic, gypsy heart means that the only constant is unpacking all your belongings just to pack them up again in order to take another flight, train, bus or ferry ride. It can be difficult to create deep friendships and bonds when you have less than 60 days […]

Joshua Tree: A Blissful Weekend at The Now Homestead

Sometimes we all need a getaway for a different perspective whether we are working a 9-5 job or alone traveling the world meeting other nomads, artists and kindred spirits. After a transformative and expansive year in Spain, I felt that I needed grounding + healing with the ones who truly know me deep down to my bones. The ones who see through all my masks and layers. Two of my best friends and I headed to the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, painted with Yucca plants and desert sand stretching for miles to feel + inhale + digest a bit […]