Category: Poetry

Tidal Moon

Temptress of the tidesAnyone would be a fool to not surrender to her mercyIn a glassy pink glazeHardness finds softnessMovement finds stillnessHumans march on in the distance,To find that she is endlessSubtle lines divide water and earth Eyes are deceived by the curves Mesmerized and enmeshed in the beautyForgetting where I end and you begin The moon’s silent hum puts me in a trance, Pulling and coercing my body into sacred danceDrenched in moon glow, I am called to the starsIn a gravitational rise and fallI find quietude in the dark. Stillness in my heart.And the connection of worlds apart.


we create barriers through the language we speak and the way we communicate. our basic knowledge evades us. our intuition is pushed aside and forgotten. where if we were only able to express through our other senses – i would lock my eyes into yours peering simultaneously into your soul into mine. with that image imprinted in our minds i’d gently crush lavender, patchouli, pine needles and sage in the palms of my hands, brushing my hand beneath your nose. how would you feel? would you be to think in orgasms and shivers instead of formulating empty words? could you remember […]