Category: Creative Writing

Chakra Healing

I came to Pai, a sleepy mountain town 3 hours from Chiang Mai to escape the city and rewaken. Reawaken the fire inside my soul. Reawaken my power. Reawaken my temple as a sacred site of pleasure.  “As the sun penetrated a pure warmth into my body, a feeling that I had forgotten, of ecstasy, of pleasure, like a drunken…

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Ancient Eyes

Our eyes are embedded with endless information. Eyes hold ancient codes to be activated. :::::::In the past while doing powerful connection practices looking into the eyes of others without blinking for long periods of time, I’ve been told they see a sphinx from ancient Egypt, a serpent, a tiger and medicine woman. I’ve been told I look Indian, Peruvian, Hawaiian,…

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29 Palms

He was 30 with soft features and an air of innocence and intelligence that quietly demanded to be seen. Coming from the desert, he knew all too well the certain degree of loneliness and solitude of barren lands + scorching hot winds that only holy water and human touch could quench. He was a year-round desert bloom and a native…

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