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Spirit Dreamer

I want to know where your Dream self takes you at night if it was you I intertwined with in wet, grassy, golden fields with a pang of sorrow in my heart knowing we had to part, from each other for a bit. Maybe I am intense, dramatic, emotional, fantasizing, dreamy, sensual, erotic, moody and changing but as Anaïs Nin said, “sex is where the heart and soul meet.” We have a spark and we must nourish that flame, as to not aphyxiate it. I will take a step back and let nature run its course, because the elements know […]

29 Palms

He was 30 with soft features and an air of innocence and intelligence that quietly demanded to be seen. Coming from the desert, he knew all too well the certain degree of loneliness and solitude of barren lands + scorching hot winds that only holy water and human touch could quench. He was a year-round desert bloom and a native Saguaro. I watched his pupils dilate as I conversed with him about herbalism and plant medicine as if he had never heard those words flowing out someone’s mouth before. “They never taught us that in med school.” He remarked. “Your […]