Blissful Birthing—Prenatal Yoga and its Benefits

Blissful Birthing—Prenatal Yoga and its Benefits


“Birth matters. It brings us into being on many levels.” Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful times for a woman. You may need extra support as your body, mind, and hormones change in preparation for the blossoming of a new baby. Prenatal yoga has many benefits to prepare a woman for this time of becoming a mother, keeping the body and mind healthy. Prepare for your delivery in the most holistic, natural and therapeutic way. Prenatal yoga has many benefits for pregnant women and will help you sleep more easily. Let this yoga support you through gentleness and love.

-Learn how to breathe deeply and rhythmically, helping prepare you for a more comfortable labor and childbirth

“Your breath is your greatest ally while giving birth.” Pranayama is most important for relaxation and for preparing for a pregnancy. You can learn to relax the body and feel less pain during the delivery process. One of the breaths in yoga is called diaphragmatic or “belly breathing” which uses the abdomen to breathe. This will ease the birthing process and help the baby come out naturally. This will also speed up the recovery time.

-Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

Prevent health problems by strengthening your pelvic floor through hip-opening postures. Prenatal yoga poses will help with constipation, any urinary or bladder problems, lower back or abdominal pain and painful intercourse. You will be able to carry your baby more comfortably during pregnancy.  Squatting in malasana is one of the best positions for a natural birth. It will also help you during your postpartum recovery.

-Prenatal yoga can help alleviate symptoms of pain such as nausea, cramps, morning sickness, and headaches

These are common discomforts that come along with pregnancy, and can be relieved. Bring more oxygen to your body through deep breathing, muscle stretching and increase your blood circulation.

-Decrease lower back pain

Through different postures you will work on your abdominal muscles to keep them strong, as well as the back, which will release any aches or pains caused by tension.

-Nurture and support yourself on your journey to childbirth

This is a holistic approach to childbirth—strengthen your physical and emotional health through the balance of yoga while also finding community. Connect to other expecting mothers in this beautiful realm of preparing for motherhood.

-Connection your body and baby in an emotionally and spiritually healthy way

This is a beautiful practice to become more aware of your body and connect to your belly and baby through breath and postures. You will create a bond with your baby, and can have meaningful experiences while opening your body in different postures. It will also improve your quality of sleep and help you cope with stress.

If you are an expecting mother, or curious on how to support expecting mothers, prenatal yoga would be a great start for you to learn how to ease your mind and body.  Enjoy this beautiful transformation, through keeping yourself and your baby healthy.

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