Summer Solstice

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Summer Solstice is a day where the sky is most illuminated with light. It is the longest day and shortest night of the year. It is a time of celebration where we gather together and offer sacred space and ritual to honor the Sun and Mother Earth. The energetic nature of summer is the Fire element. Fire invites us to expand and utilize our creativity for growth and new beginnings. It teaches us to honor the light within us and each and every being on this planet as well as our connection to the Sun. The excess heat ignites our inner passions and is a great time to feel and create abundance to manifest our dreams. It marks the end of winter darkness and everything coming into full bloom. It is important to be attuned to this energy as we can utilize the high energy of light to bring our ideas and dreams to their full potential.

Summer Solstice is the moment the Sun enters into the astrological sign of Cancer. The Sun in Cancer has a nurturing quality, reminding us of past memories, home, family and highlighting what we would like to change or reset. Cancer is feminine energy ruled by the moon, providing a grand contrast to the Sun’s outward and direct masculine energy. It gives us the time to reflect on the dualities of yin and yang + light and shadow to connect to nature on a deeper level. We celebrate and move towards the next cycle of our lives, honoring the love, light and growth encompassing solstice through offerings and prayers to the Sun.

Here are some beautiful rituals to celebrate Summer Solstice:

  1. Wake up to greet the sunrise and practice Sun Salutations. Traditionally for 108 rounds are done to celebrate solstice. This will bring the prana or breath upward and fill the body with heat to help release any old or stagnant energies that no longer serve you. Sit in a seated position taking Half-Lotus with one foot or crossed legged with Lotus, or padma mudra to activate the heart chakra and connect to love and compassion.

“To perform this mudra, bring the hands together in front of the heart center with the thumbs pointing in toward the chest. The palms, thumbs and fingers touch. Then spread the index finger, middle and ring finger wide like a lotus flower opening”

2) Create a sacred fire with others to write intentions of what you want to let go of and burn it in the fire. Gather wood to offer to the fire of what type of abundance you would like to manifest and attract into your life. You can also use a candle or altar representing Light.

3) Energize with different plants and healing herbs for the sun that are also said to be related to the heat. Some herbs include St. John’s Wort, Marigold, Chamomile, Turmeric, Yarrow and Mugwort. Their healing properties are said to be the most potent on this day. Some of the benefits of these herbs are cultivating self-love, warmth, confidence and balancing Ego. They are also used to restore energy, vitality and boost immunity.

Use these herbs in ritual with visualization to bring clarity and shed light upon our egos and different situations.

4) Stand under the sun and breathe in the sunlight. With each breathe, feel the light of the sun flowing through all of your chakras. Spend extra time visualizing golden light and chanting the mantra RAM at the Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) located near the navel as this is the seat of your personal power. This visualization will help invigorate you and charge up your energy.

5) Create a sun mandala with yellow and orange flowers or with items gathered from nature. If there are no flowers around you, you can use rocks, sticks or leaves.

If you enjoyed this article and resonate with this guidance feel free to share the love with your tribe, family, friends and strangers.

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