Day: March 1, 2019

29 Palms

He was 30 with soft features and an air of innocence and intelligence that quietly demanded to be seen. Coming from the desert, he knew all too well the certain degree of loneliness and solitude of barren lands + scorching hot winds that only holy water and human touch could quench. He was a year-round desert bloom and a native Saguaro. I watched his pupils dilate as I conversed with him about herbalism and plant medicine as if he had never heard those words flowing out someone’s mouth before. “They never taught us that in med school.” He remarked. “Your […]

Tidal Moon

Temptress of the tidesAnyone would be a fool to not surrender to her mercyIn a glassy pink glazeHardness finds softnessMovement finds stillnessHumans march on in the distance,To find that she is endlessSubtle lines divide water and earth Eyes are deceived by the curves Mesmerized and enmeshed in the beautyForgetting where I end and you begin The moon’s silent hum puts me in a trance, Pulling and coercing my body into sacred danceDrenched in moon glow, I am called to the starsIn a gravitational rise and fallI find quietude in the dark. Stillness in my heart.And the connection of worlds apart.

How To Find Love and Stability While Living Nomadically

One month in San Diego. Two months in Chiang Mai. A month and a half in Pai. Two months exploring Northern and Southern India with a like-minded, yogi friend. A month trekking alone in Nepal. This is what my life has looked like in the past seven and a half months. Having a nomadic, gypsy heart means that the only constant is unpacking all your belongings just to pack them up again in order to take another flight, train, bus or ferry ride. It can be difficult to create deep friendships and bonds when you have less than 60 days […]